Chiropractic Testimonials

"What a wonderful group of caring, considerate people. Came here because of constant, unremitting back pain with “pins and needles” shooting down both legs. After several sessions with Dr.’s Morrison and Glass and, of course, Sharon, the pain has diminished considerably and I can walk farther and faster. Thank Brian and Co. I look forward to even greater improvement."

- Ed T.

"I had a very bad pain that started at the top of my butt, went down and around to my thigh, down my calf, and down into my foot. I could hardly walk. A friend gave me a magnet with Dr. Glass’ name etc. on it. I called and made an appointment and after only a few adjustments I had very little pain. Now I only have pain if I walk too far or stand too long. I am very glad I found out about Dr. Glass."

- Grace B.

“I came to Dr. Glass after I slipped and fell down our frosted front steps at our house when taking our dog out for a walk. I have a high tolerance for pain but I was not able to shake it off and actually got to a point that I had a difficult time walking up stairs so I knew it was time to do something about it. I was athletic in school so I was used to having many sports injuries and just shaking them off. My husband suggested that I go to Dr. Glass, so I gave in because I needed to do something and I did not want to do PT as I knew that’s what the family doctor would suggest if I went to see them. I called Dr. Glass’ office “after hours” so I could at least leave a voicemail for them to call me in the morning. I received a prompt call the next morning to make all efforts to get me in that same day to see Dr. Glass. I explained to Bonita that I had major back surgery at John Hopkins University and was not sure if Dr. Glass could even work on me due to my two 8 inch rods and 11 screws that I have in my lower back. She told me she would check with Dr. Glass to make sure he was comfortable with it, but she did not see any problems with it so we scheduled an appointment for me that same day to see him.

Since I had never been to a chiropractor I did not know what to expect, especially with me being in a lot of pain. I was not sure if I would be happy or not that I came to him. Dr. Glass took a good bit of time to sit down with me at my initial visit to discuss what was going on currently with my body and my past history with my back, especially since that was a big concern to me. We took my recovery at a pace that I was comfortable with and felt better after each visit. I always appreciate that Dr. Glass stops to talk with you about any concerns or issues that’s happening before working on you. Dr. Glass and his staff have been wonderful since I started visiting their office back in December 2014. I am now a regular patient of Dr. Glass.
Thanks for the great care you have given me.”

- Dawn M.

“I started seeing Dr. Glass about 10 years ago. I have an ongoing issue with my neck. A couple of unstable discs as a result of a car accident and a fall 20+ years ago. When I moved to this area in 2004, I asked my new family doctor to recommend a chiropractor. He suggested Dr. Glass and I have never gone anywhere else. His methods are very gentle, he never just “forces” something back into place. He and his staff have always been extremely professional and considerate. If I’ve called saying I need an urgent appointment I’ve almost always gotten in the same day. Once put back in the correct alignment, my neck will typically calm down in 1-3 more treatments and then I may not need to go back for a long period. I have been to other chiropractors, some great, some not so great. If you are considering it, you could not put yourself in better hands.”

- Karen M.

“I have had chronic lower back pain for over 30 years. Sometimes its so bad I can’t get out of bed.

During one of my bad seasons I decided to try Dr. Glass who I knew had spinal decompression therapy. Dr. Glass knew exactly what I needed to get back on my feet and proceeded to do his magic and over a six week period my back began to return to normal.

At this writing I feel better than I have for 30 years. I am grateful for Dr. Glass and his use of spinal decompression therapy.”

- Douglas P.

Chiropractic Lancaster PA Shade W Testimonial“When I came to Advanced Chiropractic I was hurt in a car accident. Dr. Glass and his employees were very warm and inviting. They not only made me feel comfortable but were able to work with my ever changing schedule. The ladies in the office are very friendly and sociable. Dr. Glass is very gentle and explains everything before an adjustment. Lisa is pure entertainment while giving an amazing massage. She also does an amazing job at explaining the way to better benefit from your care at home. Thanks to their care I am healing and on my way to feeling better then before my accident.”

- Shade W.

Chiropractic Lancaster PA Jackie N Testimonial“I must say I have been helped so much with chronic back pain that I have to “deal with” about every day!! Dr. Glass has been wonderful in seeing to my specific needs, including special exercises I do at home. His office staff is also “Great” and helpful.

I do recommend this practice to family and friends and I do Thank you, Dr. Glass and his Staff!!”

- Jackie N.

“I have been a patient at Advanced Chiropractic for around 10 years. Dr. Glass always knows what to do, for lots of different ailments, and ongoing conditions like mine. I really appreciate what Advanced Chiropractic has done to make my pain levels better.”

- Sharon W.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Glass for a number of years and highly recommend his services to anyone in need of chiropractic care.

For example, I recently had a painful neck problem for which he gave me some exercises to take along home and which are still providing me relief.”

- Virginia W.

“I came to the office with alot of pain in my right hip and knee. The pain in my knee was so bad that I could not bend or even lay down to sleep. I know my knees need replacements but this is just bad timing. I just want to be able to walk so I can work. I have 5 more years to work the I can get my knees replaced.

So I received my adjustment and a few more thing and when I went home I could not believe how much better my knee felt. It wasn’t 100% but I would say it was 75% better than when I came into the office. Thanks Dr. Glass, you are a life saver.”

- Linda H.

“I started coming here 8 years ago or so for fibro-pain. I get lots of relief. I have flare ups twice a year, in spring and fall, but otherwise got lots of relief. I also had severe sciatic nerve pain, which was treated by Dr. Glass and now the pain is gone. Also it helps with loss of energy and depression, while getting relief from fibro-pain. I recommend anyone to come here for pain relief. Most of my family have come here for help too, one son and three daughters which got great help too.”

- Esther B.

“After trying medical approaches (PT, cortisone shots) for my spinal stenosis, I searched the internet for alternative treatment. I was somewhat skeptical at first with chiropractic treatment, but was put at ease upon meeting Dr. Glass. He viewed by MRI’s but most importantly, he listened to me….. my description of pain, my fears and my desire for a normal life. I had two previous surgeries and was facing stenosis again. Walking was difficult but he gave me hope. After 2 months of treatment including traction, I am seeing major improvement. He has worked with me on specific exercises and I now feel there has been the improvement I wanted to see. I’m aware that the problem will not disappear but I am living a productive life again and in maintenance mode. Many thanks for your patience and encouragement.”

- Ruth C.

Chiropractic Lancaster PA Phyllis S Testimonial

"My name is Phyllis, I have been going to Dr. Glass for 10 years. The staff is great. Dr. Glass has helped me in many ways, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, fractures, headaches and neck pain. I wouldn’t go to anyone else. Keep up the good work.”

- Phyllis S.

“Thank you for helping to eliminate the pain down my leg and into my hip and helping to return my mobility.”

- Laurie M.

Chiropractic Lancaster PA Phyllis Testimonial“Hi my name is Phyllis, I am 77 years old. I was recommended to Dr. Glass by my family doctor. I had an MRI done on my back which showed bulging discs. I was never to a chiropractor before in my life. I gave it a try, it worked. I have no pain in my back or down my left leg. I am very happy to say try it if you have back problems. It sure worked for me and no surgery. Need a chiropractor? Call Dr. Glasses office:

Rustin W. Glass, D.C.
Advanced Chiropractic and Rehab, P.C.
900B Centerville Road, Lancaster, PA 17601
Phone (717) 898-8900 "

- Phyllis K.

“Since coming here approximately 2½ years ago, we have had excellent service with great results. Dr. Glass is the best I ever had. I tell all my friends about him, giving him nothing but high praise.”

- Mel B.

"Almost 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with bulging discs and sciatic pain down my left leg.

I tried traditional medicine, but the medications made it difficult to function or participate in normal activities. The physical therapy only aggravated my condition. I spoke to my doctor who recommended giving chiropractic care a chance. Several of my co-workers also used chiropractic care so I decided to give Dr. Glass a chance.

The care and compassion from his entire office was outstanding. I felt like a valued “old friend” from day one. Dr. Glass intently listened to my symptoms and checked my medical reports before suggesting treatment. He was cautious initially because I was very protective of the area affected. His patience and understanding plus an extensive plan to rehab my injury put me back to 100% in less than 3 months. I could not have expected those results with regular medical care. Three years later, I still feel great and go in for regular adjustments. I cannot express my thanks!"

- Joan W.

Chiropractic Lancaster PA Suzanne A Testimonial“I have had a bad back and neck for the past 30 years. Herniated disks, lots of pain and lots of chiropractors. Many chiropractors are rough and I can’t handle that kind of care. Dr. Glass is so gentle and kind. He has helped me so much. I’d strongly recommend him to anyone with any kind of back problems. He’s great! Thanks Dr. Glass!”

- Suzanne A.

“I’ve been experiencing persistent low back pain for the past 2-3 years. I had been to other chiropractors, but the improvement didn’t last; I still had low back pain every day, for most of the day. Dr. Glass was recommended to me by a friend at church. I read his philosophy of treatment, was impressed, and decided to give his office a try. He has listened to my symptoms and concerns, answered all of my questions, and has been persistent in finding the best treatment for me. The treatments have worked very well. While my issue still continues to some extent, the pain relief has been extraordinary. I would highly recommend Dr. Glass for his knowledge as well as his caring and friendly manner.”

- Betsy S.

Chiropractic Lancaster PA Cindy H Testimonial“I started coming to Dr. Glass in August 2014. I was seeking out a new doctor since my doctor gave up his business, so of course I was a little nervous. But I must say I am very pleased with my treatments and I am very satisfied. Not only pleased with Dr. Glass but his whole staff is very friendly and professional.

So my advice to all is seek your chiropractic treatments out with Dr. Glass and enjoy the friendly staff he has on board!”

- Cindy H.

“Dr. Glass helped my low back pain that had been bothering me for years. Their approach is one that focuses on not just minimizing pain, but finding the root of the problem. I highly recommend Advanced Chiropractic!”

- Michael P.

Dear Doctor/Colleague:

I am an orthopedic spine surgeon practicing in the Baltimore/Washington area. I graduated from Harvard Medical School and completed a residency in orthopedic surgery at UCLA, and a spine surgery fellowship at the State University of New York at Buffalo. I am writing this letter to introduce you to Dr. Rustin Glass, a chiropractor who is relocating to the Lancaster, Pennsylvania, region.

For the past three years I have worked together with Dr. Glass on common patients who suffer from back, neck and other musculoskeletal problems. Most patients will benefit from a source of conservative nonsurgical treatment. Data from the North American Spine Society documents that over half of the patients with back or neck problems will eventually see a chiropractor at some point. My patients who have been treated by Dr. Glass have had only the most positive remarks regarding his care.

Dr. Glass is an exceptional chiropractor. He is thorough and comprehensive in his examination and diagnosis of patients. Should any of his patients have evidence of neurologic impingement, he will immediately call the referring physician or family doctor. Not only does he practice traditional chiropractic manipulative therapy, but he also emphasizes modalities, exercises, rehabilitation, and a comprehensive physical therapy program. Most importantly, his patients are impressed by this thoroughness in answering all of their questions and conveying complicated medical information in an easy to understand manner. I have been confident that my patients will be well taken care of by Dr. Glass, and that as the referring physician, his skill and compassion will reflect well back on me.

In summary I fully recommend Dr. Glass as a trusted and experienced chiropractor who will be an asset to the Lancaster medical community. Your patients will thank you for their referral to an excellent chiropractor.


Lawrence S., M.D.

"Several years ago after years of testing for pain and muscle stiffness I was told I had Fibromyalgia and nothing could be done. For several years I tried anything that might offer me some relief without much success.

I saw an ad for Dr. Glass in the newspaper and decided to give him a call. Dr. Glass set up a schedule for treatments and gave me exercises to do at home. After several treatments I now have a lot more mobility and less stiffness than I have had in years. I am now able to do the activities I enjoy and had given up years ago."

- Larry G.

"In February, two years ago, at age 70, my occasional aches and pains turned into a strange illness – almost overnight. I awoke with severe, constant pain and weakness in hips, thighs, back, upper arms, shoulders and neck. Nothing – hot or cold, pain cream or lotions, all sorts of pain pills, helped at all. In fact, everything I tried made things worse. I also had abdominal pain, dizziness, and all sorts of sensitivities to noise, light, odors, heat and cold. For 6 months I saw my family doctor, an orthopedic doctor, an urologist, gastroenterologist and rheumatologist. After many test, including x-rays, MRI and sonogram (all negative) one doctor reluctantly diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia and suggested maybe ZOLOFT for depression! So I gave up doctors and waited to get better, which happened slowly over several months. Some of my pain and weakness improved in my hips, thighs and back.

However, I still had pain and weakness in arms, shoulders and neck and some dizziness. So for the first time ever I went to a chiropractor – Dr. Rustin Glass. From the very first treatment I felt better. After a couple months of visits I felt almost like new. If any of these problems start coming back, I know where to go! Thank you Dr. Glass."

- Anna S.

"I first met Dr. Rustin Glass in May 2003. After two years of shoulder and neck pain, I called his number in a newspaper ad, which was offering pain treatment for Fibromyalgia sufferers. I did this because I was desperate for some help. Three different physical therapists, a pain specialist and a rheumatologist could not relieve the pain in my neck. In fact, when I mentioned “fibromyalgia” they were no longer interested in treating me.

Dr. Glass was different. He offered a free initial consultation, in which he listened and took notes on my history. Although Fibromyalgia is often a misunderstood and difficult condition to diagnose, Dr. Glass discussed and dealt with my pain in a professional and therapeutic manner.

When I first stepped into his office, I had constant neck and shoulder pain on the left side and could turn my neck only partially to that side. After several months of treatment, Dr. Glass was able to restore nearly complete motion and more importantly, relieve most of the pain.

Dr. Glass genuinely cares about his patients. He is committed to constant review and updating of patients’ conditions in his records. Instead of dismissing problems, he challenges himself to find solutions that work. His kind and friendly demeanor is also a welcoming asset.

While my pain is not complete gone, I am able to manage it on a daily basis through specific stretching exercises and general preventive measures. I am grateful to Dr. Glass for his help and patience."

- Jacqueline O.

"I think from the very first time that I met Dr. Glass, I was impressed! How many Doctors – especially Chiropractors – tell you – “just try it a few times – and IF you don’t feel any different (better) then don’t keep coming?? WOW! Well after about a few times of seeing Dr. Glass – I DID FEEL BETTER! I have been doing this for about a year now, and my quality of life is certainly improved. Less pain and stiffness, means I can feel better to do more things – play with the kids, go for a walk, maybe even go without taking so many pain pills too. This is a plus for me. I am co-leader of a Fibromyalgia group, and there are a few of us that have been going since day one, and we say we are Dr. Glass’s Cheerleaders!

Whoever will listen, we will tell, hope this (my) experience helps with your decision to have Dr. Glass HELP YOU!

P.S. People really need to trust and believe in what you do. Who knows where I would be today with all the continued pain if we wouldn’t be coming to you.

Thank You!!!"

- Michon B.

"I have had severe back pain for a year – enough to keep me in bed at times and so severe that it would wake me up at night and prevent sleep. Chiropractic and Dr. Morrison and Glass were recommended to me and now I’m recommending it and them to anyone who has doubts about whether or not chiropractic works. I’m here to tell you it does! After 2 sessions I slept through the night without pain, have almost eliminated the muscle relaxants and Advil I’ve been taking and am in a great frame of mind again! Chiropractic does NOT hurt – in fact I feel good and relaxed after each session. I do the exercises here with Sharon and everyday at home and will continue these probably indefinitely because they really work too. I’m so happy to be feeling better again! Chiropractic does work! Thank you Dr. Glass."

- Maria A.

"Dr. Glass,

I’d just like to thank you again for everything you’ve done for me. After my last visit, I sat through an 8 hour tax class without any pain! I also miss my daily visits but don’t worry, I’ll be back. Thank you again for your kindness and caring in treating my back pain."

- Lisa M.

"After more than a decade of pain, I had resolved to learn from it. Now I have completed my treatment and have almost no neck or back pain left. It is the best I have felt in years. I look forward to a future that does not include a pain in the neck. (Nothing personal there intended towards Dr. Brian or Rusty.)

I am appreciative of your healing."

- Dwight J.

"I have had both lower and upper back pain on a reoccurring basis. Dr. Glass worked with me to alleviate my immediate pain. More importantly, Dr. Glass showed me exercises and activities I could do to help prevent re-occurrences. They were simple exercises that anyone could do and he provided documentation and rationale for the exercises.

I appreciated that Dr. Glass was willing to work with my schedule and timeline. When I was ready to reduce and/or eliminate my appointments he worked with me. I would recommend Dr. Glass and have done so to friends and my doctor’s office."

- Ronald M.

"I met Dr. Glass after my back injury. I was seeing a chiropractor in Harrisburg because I really didn’t trust too many doctors and was familiar with one up there. But after my wife had seen Dr. Glass and was saying how much he was helping her. I decided to give him a try. I found the experience to be really wonderful. Dr. Glass is thorough and he explains his procedures so well that I could understand what he was trying to do for me. I have had better posture and the pain is less than before. Advanced Chiropractic & Rehab is a very nice, friendly, courteous, and above all, a very professional center and I would recommend them to anyone."

- Garland S.

"With a history of back problems over the past fifteen years, I was not totally shocked when I started feeling pain in my lower back late last summer. I immediately scheduled an appointment with my neurosurgeon (who I have complete confidence in) and after x-rays and an MRI, I was diagnosed with stenosis and a slight herniated disc. It was recommended that I try physical therapy to relieve the problem. Although this provided some relief, I still experienced the pain. My doctor stated that my problem was not life threatening and that if the pain restricted my quality of life that surgery would be the alternative. By early January of this year I decided to contact the neurosurgeon and have surgery. Prior to doing such, my son suggested that I see a chiropractor, stating that their is no harm in at least having them examine my problem. He made this suggestion based on his own personal experiences with a chiropractor. I will admit that I had reservations about doing such since I had good past experiences with surgery n both 1988 and 1998, but I took his advice. Having known Dr. Glass from his days at Hempfield High School when he was an honors student in my class and was a four-year letter-man on the varsity swim team that I coached, I contacted him. His attention, advice and treatment of my problem have helped considerably. Although I am still having some problems, they don’t appear to be of the nature or severity that I was experiencing when I first went to him. Hopefully my problems will eventually clear up but whether or not surgery eventually becomes the final solution, I would have no reservations suggesting to someone who is experiencing back problems that they seek advice and therapy from Dr. Glass before making any final decision. In fact, I recommended to a close friend who was experiencing back problems that he seeks the advice of Dr. Glass. I spoke to him just a few days ago and he said that his problem has improved considerable. Let me conclude by simply stating that there is no harm in seeking the advice and possible treatment from someone who has pursued his education in the field that you are experiencing problems."

- Andrew A.

"Kudos to Dr. Rusty and Dr. Brian for diagnosing my problem and explaining it in a way that was easy to understand! Thanks to their expert treatment and also working with Sharon to strengthen my lower back I’ve been able to do physical work without pain. And…. I haven’t had to sleep on the floor since I began treatment.

Great job everyone and THANKS!"

- Mark B.

"Dr. Rustin Glass and his staff welcomed me warmly as I hobbled into his office. His gentle personality, caring demeanor and positive outlook put me at ease instantly. My back had been injured fifteen years ago and had healed itself, without treatment, very poorly. I was sure it was “arthritis”, not connecting it to the fifteen year old injury until Dr. Glass caused me to recall the specific time of the initial injury.

“Pain” was my middle name for years. At times I could not lift my leg high enough to walk up stairs. ALL that has changed since my treatment with Dr. Glass! It is such a joy to be able to walk, sit, lie down, and get up from a chair without that pain (I’ve thrown away that middle name!!).

Of course, the exercises I’ve learned are important to continue on a regular basis – just to keep things moving properly. Today I completed my first maintenance visit, and it feels so good. I’m not youthful anymore, but I can move like a youngster!

Many thanks, Dr. Glass!! And Good Luck!!"

- Rikki H.

"The pain in my hip was sudden and unexpected. I was immediately unable to do my regular jogs at the gym. I spent 6 months trying to find out what was wrong with me, going to 2 orthopedics, a rheumatologist, and through several weeks of physical therapy. The pain continued. On a recommendation from my massage therapist, I came to see Dr. Glass. After 6 weeks of working with Dr. Glass I am jogging again virtually pain free. Dr. Morrison immediately knew what my problem was and Dr. Glass worked with me to solve my problem. There is no way I can put into words how thankful I am to Dr. Glass and his staff. I feel great!! Throughout my therapy with Morrison Chiropractic everyone was so helpful and friendly and they worked with me in “hands-on” manner at each visit. I am a very satisfied patient and have already recommended Dr. Glass to several friends. I am a believer!"

- Michele W.

"My chiropractic care coupled with learning the proper way to exercise has improved my quality of life. I have improved my lower back situation where:

  • I can move with minimal pain at times versus all the time.
  • I can add activities such as dishes, laundry, golf, exercise where I was limited before.
  • I can get out of bed without pain where I was in constant pain before.
  • I can do garden work where I could not before.
  • I can go on walks now.

My muscles have strengthened to support my lower back. The chiropractic care has improved my alignment. I expect more improvements as I have only been in care for 1 ½ months."

- Susan H.

"I have had a series of treatments for this condition and each treatment has provided easing of the pain. It still lingers but I truly expect to have it disappear for at least, a long time.

I have found Dr. Glass thorough, gentle, knowledgeable, and sincere in trying to bring full comfort to me.

He is proficient and truly interested in me as a “walking patient”. I am pleased with the improvement I have experienced."

- Keith B.

"I am a new patient of Dr. Glass. My experience with him has been very good. He takes the time necessary to investigate and gather all the data to make an effective treatment. The lower back pain that I experience has been greatly reduced since beginning treatment with Dr. Glass. His office staff is very friendly and makes you feel at home. One of the most pleasant surprises was that I didn’t have to sit and wait an hour to be seen. I would highly recommend Dr. Glass to anyone."

- Max C.

"I’ve been having problems walking. I couldn’t walk from one room to another. Since I’ve been coming to Dr. Glass, I’ve been able to walk better and climb stairs. I’ve been feeling very good."

- Rose K.

"After 3 weeks visitation with Dr. Glass, my lower back is 110% better. This clinic has established a great reputation with me. You people are simply great."

- John M.

"After suffering with lower back pain for some time and having my HMO doctor prescribe medication for the symptoms, my sister-in-law suggested seeing a chiropractor. I was hesitant at first but had to do something to improve my condition, so I made an appointment with Dr. Glass. At my first meeting with him I was given an eye-opening education on how the backbone, and all associated muscles and tendons worked, and what he saw as what my problem was. He recommended four weeks of therapy. After two weeks I felt like a new person, like I used to feel before my back pain. And this was accomplished with NO medications. Any skepticisms I had before are gone and I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Glass to anyone who is experiencing back or neck pain."

- Mary B.

"My friends who find that I have been treated (and treated well!) by Dr. Glass, and who have also experienced chiropractic treatment, agree with me that their treatment was a very favorable experience.

My back (almost 70 years old!) feels better than I can remember! The rotator cuff problem in my right shoulder has improved (I have a way to go to get things right there – but my comfort level has improved immeasurably).

My treatment by doctors and staff was always at the highest level of professionalism. I am pleased that a dear friend recommended this office and its professional staff.

Thanks Dr. Glass!"

- Dorothy S.

"Dr. Glass has assisted me in recovery through the chiropractic care provided coupled with pilates and yoga exercises. The chiropractic care provided has been important to improving my overall health. Prior to visits, I was crippled in pain, on constant pain medication and unable to do basic things like vacuuming the house, sports, laundry, dishes, a walk, etc…. I would recommend chiropractic care through Dr. Glass. Since treatment with Dr. Glass, I can now perform the above functions."

- Susan H.

"I started several years ago with pain in my lower back. My doctor sent me to a orthopedic doctor and prescribed medication to help relieve the pain. This treatment did not work so she suggested chiropractic care.

This care has made a big difference in my lower back pain. The pain in my back has decreased and I find I am able to move around more freely with out pain. I would highly suggest chiropractic care for back pain."

- Patti H.

"Dear Dr. Glass,

Please accept these brownies as a token of appreciation for all your efforts on my behalf and especially the calls you made on Sunday and Monday to see how I was doing. I am very grateful for all the good care I have received from you and Dr. Morrison since my very first visit. All of your staff is very nice and together with your gentle guidance; make me feel I am in very good hands.

With best wishes,"

- Ellen R.

"I have had low back problems for the last 20 years. My jobs have always been very straining on my posture, therefore over the years giving me progressive pain.

For the last 3 years I have worked as a massage therapist. It is a wonderful job but very straining on the whole body. I was receiving massage on a weekly basis, but with little relief of my back symptoms.

After coming to this office for one week my symptoms have been relieved. I think I feel normal again. Although, it is hard to tell, since I had forgotten how it did feel. I am totally impressed with this staff and all their knowledge on how to help heal yourself. I’m going to keep doing my exercises that Sharon showed me, keeping up with my adjustments, and I am a happy person again!"

- Lynn N.

"I came in with very bad pain in my lower back. I could not find a position where I didn’t feel pain. Within the first week of treatment, the pain was almost gone. Between the adjustments, electric stem, and in my third week, I can feel that my back is mending. The pain is completely gone and I feel stronger.


- Beth M.

"I had been experiencing lower back pain and hip/leg pain for a month after falling out of my dorm room top bunk bed. I came to Morrison Chiropractic not knowing what was wrong or how it could be fixed. After a diagnosis and about three adjustments my back was feeling brand new again. I’ve never felt like I’ve walked taller or have had better posture in my life, in addition to my back healing. Thank you, Sharon for the “painful” exercises that have helped me. And thank you Dr. Glass for your time, care and concern for my health and well-being!"

- Lisa M.

"On 12/18/2001 I came to the Morrison Chiropractic office with severe lower back pain. I couldn’t walk, sit, drive or bend without severe pain. I was very afraid because I didn’t know or understand what was going on with me. Dr. Glass came in just to see me. I was instantly impressed with the genuine sincerity of him and the staff from the moment I came through the front door. I felt genuine warmth and concern from the receptionist.

Well for over a year I’ve had back pain but, as I stated on 12/18 it was no longer bearable. I’ve been taking 1200 to 1400 mg of ibuprofen 3 times a day. But now nothing was helping not even percocet. Dr. Glass took time and patience with me and explained what was going on with me. He started me on stem immediately and I felt some relief. I was still feeling some pain but he reassured me to have patience and with time I would feel better. I am an instant gratification person and was looking for a miracle pill. I didn’t think I could feel better without a prescription. They informed me that they don’t write them. After following directions and exercising and coming 3 times a week for the first time in over a year I don’t have back pain, and I don’t have to take Advil. Thanks a million."

- Angela P.

“I have been going to Dr. Glass for several years now. I first consulted him after I awoke with neck pain and numbness after sleeping on the arm of my sofa. He was able to adjust my neck and fix the problem with one visit. Since then he has helped many times with my chronic lower back pain. Pain relief is often immediate. As a physician myself, I especially appreciate his excellent bedside manner. Dr. Glass is personable and knowledgeable, and never hesitates to “squeeze me in” to his appointment schedule. His office also offers excellent massage and spinal decompression treatments. The office staff is great, and they always make me feel like one of the family. I highly recommend Advanced Chiropractic and Rehab. ”

- Joseph K. MD

"The program was well defined and planned and produced excellent results. The treatment and exercise program did the trick. The key is to maintain your exercises."

- John L.

"I was in a car accident with back and neck injuries. I was treated by a physical therapist for 2 ½ months with limited relief. The treatment didn’t include an exercise regiment and my range of motion or muscle strength never increased. In March I started to see Dr. Brian. At my initial visit I was experiencing both neck and back pain at a scale of about 9-10 with 10 being the worst pain. I was very limited in my range of motion and activities of daily living were painful. By early May I was feeling much better, had a great reduction in pain and increased range of motion. By the time I went on vacation in June I was able to hike the Grand Canyon and Bryce National Canyon. I contribute my success to the treatment received at Morrison Chiropractic – not only the adjustments but Dr.’s Brian and Glass but also the exercise program I was put through helped me to recover."

- Wendy M.

"My success story was almost overnight relief. Having had several adjustments to my arm and shoulder it was decided to try a neck adjustment. Bingo – the shoulder stopped hurting and at least 90% range of motion came back and the arm has almost stopped hurting. Even more relief after the second neck adjustment."

- Joyce H.

"Prior to visiting Morrison Chiropractic, I was experiencing both neck and back pain. During a visit with my orthopedic doctor, I was referred to a chiropractor. That evening, I was speaking to friends who told me that “I had to see Dr. Morrison and Dr. Glass”. I was excited to see their names on my referral list. I now write this after 6 weeks of treatment with minimal (and mostly no) back and neck pain.

During the course of treatment, I receive adjustments and exercises 3 times a week. The attention given to me during my visits made a difference. I was always asked about new or returning pain as well as taught various exercises appropriately. This treatment combined with exercising truly made a difference!"

- Marla R.

"I recently moved to Lancaster and was referred to Dr. Glass by a co-worker. I am prone to headaches due to muscle tightness in my neck. The frequency of these bad headaches is greatly reduced by getting my neck adjusted at Advanced Chiropractics. I also experience tension in my mid-back muscles due to extended periods of time spent driving and working on a computer (occupational hazards!)

The treatment Dr. Glass provides is gentle, yet effective. Rarely do I experience any discomfort from a treatment. A thorough explanation of your condition is always given along with the cause and effective plan of treatment. And I really appreciate the fact that I don’t have to wait 20, 30 or more minutes past my scheduled appointment time to see the doctor. Dr. Glass is easy to talk to and has a good rapport with patients. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Glass to anyone."

- Kelley C.

"When I came to Dr. Glass I was suffering from chronic neck pain. This had persisted for many years and I had learned to live with it. After my first visit I received immediate relief from the pain and have made steady progress ever since. Although I was a bit scared during the first treatment (never having visited a chiropractor before) the staff was very kind, proficient and capable. I am very, very glad that I have been treated by Morrison Chiropractic and Dr. Glass."

- Marilyn S.

"I had neck pain tightness for about 6 weeks that was progressively getting worse. After just 2 treatments I felt a huge improvement and after 6 weeks the pain is gone and the muscle tightness almost gone. What a relief!"

- Julia G.

"A great experience, going from not being able to turn my head and popping pain pills to feeling 100% and trying to remember what it felt like in the beginning.

Thank you all for the positive experience."

- Shirley O.

"I had persistent beck pain for several months. I was treated with adjustments and was greatly improved. What remained was waking with headaches and neck pain. I purchased a water pillow and found that my neck pain quickly disappeared. The new pillow is great!"

- Beth W.

"Yes I am an employee here, but I’m also a patient! When I first started working and getting treatments I had horrible headaches almost every morning! Dr. Morrison treated me for a month – three times a week and by the third treatment, I was feeling so much better!! Then Dr. Morrison suggested I purchase a water pillow. I can’t even tell you how much of a difference it makes. I wake up feeling wonderful with NO PAIN!!

I recently had a flare-up and got an adjustment from Dr. Glass with the one adjustment and using an ice pack along with the stretches he taught me I was 100% better the very next day!! They tell me (the doctors) it’s because I keep up with my maintenance appointments that I feel so wonderful all of the time. I believe it! They are the two most awesome doctors!!"

- Heather E.

"I noticed a lot more comfort at work as I do a lot of driving at times and constantly feeling soreness in my knees and lower back from standing on concrete all day. I just happened to realize that I was not as fatigued as I used to be from just being sore at the end of the day."

- Kelly B.

"Since I was a child I have suffered severe back, neck and shoulder pain from severe Scoliosis. Pain and the curve in my spine became worse as I continued to work with small children, lifting and carrying them most of the day in daycare.

If it weren’t for Dr. Glass I would be unable to sit, stand or lay more then a ½ hour at a time. By continuous manipulations and the use of an electric stimulation unit the muscles began to relax and allowed my bones and joints to move more freely.

When I first started the program with Dr. Glass, I went 3 times a week, tapering down to once a week and after several months I know I can go as long as 3 to 4 weeks without any or very little discomfort. I can’t say enough about Chiropractic care. It is the best alternative to a healthy and pain free life. My husband, Glenn, had bad headaches all his life. After having regular adjustments, headaches are a rare experience. My daughter, son-in-law and 2 grandchildren have also benefited from the Chiropractic care of Dr. Glass."

- Shirley H.

"It was a warm August day at the beach that found my husband and I jumping waves in the ocean. Well, a huge wave hit me, and I was swept under and thrust to the ocean floor, shoulder first. Knowing I don’t swim well, my husband valiantly clung to my arm as I went under. Since the wave twisted me as I went, you can guess the rest…. the ocean won. Since denial comes naturally to me, it was about a month before I could be talked into a visit to the doctor. By then my range of motion was not so great, to say the least. Dr. Glass was great. He explained what he believed to be the extent of my injuries (a “good strain”), but wanted to confirm the diagnosis. So, x-rays were taken and nothing was broken, including my spirit of denial, and subsequently I managed to dodge another trip to the doctor for about three weeks. When it finally hurt too much to move my arm, and it was getting worse instead of “healing itself”, I returned to Dr. Glass. Again, with the patience of a saint he reviewed my x-ray results, checked my range of motion and carefully gave me the news that if I did not begin to address this injury, my range of motion could be impacted for the rest of my life. This was not good news, especially considering I could not put my arm behind my back or take my shirt off without assistance. Dr. Glass recommended an MRI to confirm a final diagnosis and assess the damage. The results came in proving Dr. Glass right on target; I had a really good strain, with tendonitis and bursitis as special added delights! Dr. Glass cut straight to the point, detailed what I needed to do to rehabilitate and return my range of motion, doing so in such a way that I did not feel I was being threatened or pressured. Rather, I had been enlightened about my injury. The urgency of treatment had been expressed and understood. An immediate course of intense treatment began, which included daily exercises, icing twice daily, and ultrasound therapy and adjustment three times a week, because of my crazy work hours, I would see Dr. Morrison or Dr. Glass; both doctors were appraised of my condition and either would see me to accommodate my schedule. I began to see improvement within a week, and by Christmas I was released to maintenance treatment. My range of motion is nearly normal again! If Dr. Glass had not been so patient, yet firm and clear in explaining my condition and the possible consequences, I am sure I would have unknowingly suffered unnecessary and possibly irreparable damage. I am truly grateful for Dr. Glass’ and Dr. Morrison’s expertise and commitment to their patients."

- Maureen K.

"When I first came in I had almost constant pain. It was so bad that I was taking a time released pain killer around the clock. After only 3 visits with Dr. Glass there was a noted difference, enough that I stopped the pain killer, then after a total of 5 visits, the pain is gone."

- Ed T.

"Very satisfied with progress so far. After four weeks, I could raise my shoulders over my head."

- Robert K.

"Any doubts you may have about chiropractic treatment here at Morrison Chiropractic will be laid to rest permanently very soon. I have been treated here for shoulder pain and lower back pain that was severe to the point of walking and normal movement was impossible. Now, in only 45 days my pain is gone and I can function normally. Regular adjustments and physical therapy have had wonderful results for me. I don’t need any painkillers because there is no pain anymore, what a relief!"

- Don D.

"They were waking me up in the middle of the night and keeping me up for 2 to 3 hours. It also made it hard to function properly during the day. They were so bad that I went to the emergency room at Howard County. A friend from work suggested trying chiropractic. I came in for an evaluation and began treatment. The pains began to dissipate immediately in severity and frequency. My concern was whether drug treatment would solve the problem or merely mask it. Chiropractic accomplished the goal that I wanted to attain.

There were also some pleasant side affects I hadn’t expected. I didn’t realize how tight my neck was. I now have greater movement and the ringing in my ears has lessened some. I also have a general feeling of well being that I haven’t had in many years."

- Don A.

"On February 4, 2002 I cam to see Dr. Glass, I was in a bad way, lots of pain and couldn’t turn my head left or right or move my right arm. I was in so much pain I was holding my shoulders up and wasn’t able to do much of anything because of so much pain. I had been this way for a year and I had made up my mind that nothing could be done, because it had been a year since I had surgery. I had spine surgery January 23, 2001 and nine months later that same year I had rotator cuff surgery. As of today nine months later, which is September 18, 2002 I have gone from no hope to feeling so much better. I can do so much now there is no way I can thank him enough. And to top it off when I first saw Dr. Glass I could not drive. Because of my right arm, but as of today September 18th and with help of Dr. Glass I’m driving now! He has helped me so much and he will be truly missed. And if you are reading this you are getting the best! I’m not only speaking just for myself but I’m sure for others as well."

- Rosia P.


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